FREE Microsoft SQL Server form builder for ASP.NET

Build a fully functioning ASP.NET FormView in minutes

Unlike most ASP.NET form generating tools out there, we don't ask for a raw connection string, so you can rest assured that nobody's poking around in your data. All you have to do is enter a Microsoft SQL Server CREATE TABLE script and the name of the connection string you want to use from your web.config file. It's as easy as that.


Step 1: Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, generate a CREATE TABLE script from your table and copy it as shown below (the script MUST be created this way - the form generator may behave erratically or fail to work properly otherwise)

copy create table script

Step 2: Paste SQL script here  

Step 3: Enter the name of the connection string you wish to use (as found in your web.config file)  

Step 4: Click Submit to design your FormView!

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